Quality Control

Service quality control

During all production stages, the GMPC (Good Manufacturing Procedure for Cosmetics) requirements are fulfilled; the full structure follows all requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 22716 (GMPC)

The physical-chemical analyses are performed on all the raw materials used for production, as well as on each batch of finished product, by the Quality Control Department.

Each batch of finished product, as well as specific raw materials are submitted to microbiological controls.





The new CGMP level specifications build plant

International standard setting plant with dust-free lab which is below one hundred thousand grades
Complied with ISO/CGMP standards of excellent professional security certification
Production flow and traffic flow are bounded with independent and safe operations space
Pharmaceutical-grade epoxy floors were used in the factory to prevent dust accumulation
Professional and experienced production team
Advanced high-tech equipment and the latest precision instruments
Pharmaceutical grade production environment




Filling and packaging

Screening and Shipments