High Quality & Professional OEM

Maxgut provides the service for original equipment manufacturer of skin care products,

based on customer’s requirement. Providing the total solution from production to delivery.


OEM Process

-Contact Customer

-Understand Customer’s Requirement

-Sample Making

-Sample Confirm


-Quality Checking

-Filling & Packing

-Finished Product Checking


Professional Formula Design ODM

Maxgut provides the service for original design manufacturer, a total solution from formula design, production, brand design, packing, marketing and the suggestion of distribution channel.


    Contact Customer


    Understand Customer’s Requirement


    Brand Design, Marketing Proposal and Packing Design


    Sample Making


    Sample Confirm




    Quality Checking


    Filling & Packing


    Finished Product Checking



Production Process

The Complete development and manufacturing processes

  • Communication

    In-depth discussion with the client on the market, competing products
    Brand image, marketing Product line integrity, Cost considerations, export regulations, patent applications, product testing and other comprehensive product architecture.

  • Product settings

    The aggregate customer expectations, gathering resources of raw materials, formulation development, marketing, selling import, packaging materials design and other pre-planning work.

  • Formulation

    Perform formulation development and testing, fine-tuning based on customer ideas.

  • Production

    Confirm production line, packaging materials plant was confirmed, and to help customers test-related packaging materials, build product standards Inspection ready for production.