Mask Material

Invisible Cloth

It has the comfort and breath of natural fibers, strength of Rayon and great transparency to perfectly fit on facial contour and have lithe touch. Create the skin to have the cozy feeling experience.


Black Cloth

Far infrared can stimulate collagen fiber to produce collagen to accelerate the speed of skin blood flow and increase the speed of absorbing. Mask the skin younger and more elastic. It also has the ability of absorbing harmful chemical substance to prevent sensitive skin.


Elastic lifting Cloth

It has great stretch ability, tensile strength and three-dimensional feeling, fine fibers and lithe texture to perfectly fit on facial contour. Meanwhile, it can maintain the ability of moisture and breath to feel comfortable touch.


Snow Filament

The innovative material which has high elasticity and ductility can help essence go into the deep skin and lock essence to shorten the time of skin care.

  • Invisible Cloth